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Job Opening Information 2023-24 Substitute Laborer (Continuous Recruitment)

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Position Title
2023-24 Substitute Laborer (Continuous Recruitment)
Required Application Type
School Related Personnel
Salary/Pay Scale
$15.42 per hour
Job Description

Position: Substitute Laborer

Division: Facility Services

Supervisor: Senior Maintenance Mechanic

Description: The class involves a wide group of positions involved with the performance of a wide variety of routine manual tasks in a wide variety of work settings. Duties are performed under direct or general supervision depending on the nature of the tasks to be completed. A Laborer does related work as required.

Typical Work Activities:

  • Load and unloads materials, parts, or products onto or from pallets, carts, or trucks manually or using a hoist;
  • Transports containers of refuse and disposes in refuse boxes or incinerators;
  • Performs a variety of heavy cleaning work, such as washing walls and windows;
  • Acts as a helper to skilled or semi-skilled workers;
  • Shovels snow from sidewalks, stairs, and other passages;
  • Rakes, tamps, and shovels asphalt;
  • Excavates and fills trenches;
  • Charges mixing machines with cement, sand, and stone;
  • Salts and sands streets and roads;
  • Helps rebuild road shoulders and install drainpipe;
  • Cuts brush and grass using hand tools or mower;
  • Participates in the installation of guard rails, traffic signs, and markings;
  • Acts as a flagman directing traffic;
  • Paints equipment and buildings;
  • May operate a motor vehicle transporting personnel and materials
Job Qualifications

Experience with the above duties and safety knowledge desirable.

Application Procedure

Apply online by completing the following two steps:

  1. Complete and submit the correct application type - SCHOOL RELATED PERSONNEL, and THEN
  2. Apply directly to the job posting.
Job Category
Job Location
BOCES - District Wide

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