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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
2022-23 Teacher Aides for Special Education (CR)

Position: Teacher Aides

Division: Special Education - Serving classrooms in Cattaraugus & Allegany County school districts.

Supervisor: Special Education Supervisor

Location: District Wide

Description: This is responsible work involving the performance of non-teaching tasks relates to the teaching process in a classroom or school. Incumbents relieve the teaching staff of that part of their duties related to teaching, which may be performed by a non-teacher. The duties of this class differ from those of School Monitor due to the more complex nature of the assignments that are performed, though on a limited basis Teacher Aide may be assigned monitoring duties. A Teacher Aide does related work as required.

Typical Work Activities:

  • Works with small groups of students, or one-on-one, reinforcing skills taught by a teacher;
  • Helps teacher with bulletin boards, arts and crafts, and the conduct of games;
  • Operates copy machines producing ditto copies, transparencies, and other copied material utilized in the teaching process;
  • Collates copied material;
  • Takes attendance and distributes work folders;
  • Distributes audio-visual equipment;
  • Directs students to class;
  • Proctors and assists in the conduct of examinations;
  • May perform incidental duplicating and typing tasks;
  • Assists in toileting of incontinent children;
  • Assists children in daily living skills;
  • Helps in feeding children who need this service;
  • Assists in transporting non-ambulatory or developmentally disabled children;
  • Assists students with behavioral management needs;
  • May supervise students in various settings such as classroom, hall, lunchroom, bus, playground, or parking lot

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, ABILITIES, AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Ability to establish good relationships with students and teachers; ability to readily acquire a familiarity with school and classroom routine; ability to read and write English; resourcefulness in conducting activities related to the teaching process; tact; courtesy; good judgment, physical condition sufficient to perform the essential functions of the position. 

$15.00 per hour
HVAC Specialist

Position: Support Staff (Civil Service)/HVAC Specialist

Location:  CTE Center at Olean

Division: Safety, Energy, Facility Services

Supervisor: Director of Facility Services

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This is responsible work involving operating, and the preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, minor repair, testing and calibrating of mechanical equipment providing heat, hot water, ventilation, and air conditioning in the most efficient and safe manner possible. This can include, but is not limited to, steam lines, mechanical equipment rooms, refrigeration, air conditioning equipment, chillers, humidity control systems and HVAC systems. This position typically assists school district staff with centralized heating systems and/or building wide controls. An HVAC Specialist may also make recommendations on replacing equipment and be involved in energy conservation projects. An HVAC Specialist does related work as required.


  • Review, calibrate, adjust, repair and replace components of centralized heating systems;
  • Review energy usage statistics to determine any inefficiencies;
  • Inspect and repair automatic ignition systems related to oil and gas burners;
  • Ensure efficient combustion and emission quality consistent with State and Federal standards;
  • Review, develop and recommend changes in heating procedures for district facilities as needed;
  • Assist district staff in determining maintenance and operations schedules of equipment;
  • Assist Direct of Facilities III with on-site visits and notify appropriate officials and offices;
  • Prepare reports, including tracking sheets and services provided;
  • Assist with instructing maintenance personnel on controls, instrumentation, boiler system or other systems utilized by district;
  • Identify tools and testing equipment required to perform tasks and ensure proper calibration and maintenance

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, ABILITIES, AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Thorough knowledge of different types of HVAC systems including electrical, cooling, air conditioning, boiler and heat exchanger; good knowledge of appropriate HVAC formulas and their applications; good knowledge of correct installation, preventive maintenance, and servicing of HVAC equipment; good knowledge of modern buildings and grounds maintenance and repair practices; good knowledge of general safety practices, accident  prevention methods, and hazardous conditions and materials associated with HVAC work; working knowledge of chemicals and chemical treatments associated with fluids in HVAC systems; knowledge and understanding of Federal and State laws as they may apply to control systems ability to apply information from service manuals and other sources to present systems, installation problems, future servicing, etc.; ability to identify servicing needs and provide verbal and written descriptions of problems and observations; ability to read warranty specifications, blueprints, installation manuals, maintenance manuals, wiring and piping schematics, flyers and technical books; ability to determine requirements for specific jobs; materials, personnel, tools, equipment, and length of time necessary to complete a job; ability to work in tight spaces, climb ladders and perform HVAC work on rooftop locations; physical condition sufficient to perform the essential functions of the position.

$72,000 per year


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